About Us
Prime is an Architect and Engineering Consultant Company established in 2005 in Abu Dhabi, Prime is an Architect and Engineering Consultant Company established in 2005 in Abu Dhabi, UAE providing comprehensive and integrated consulting architectural and engineering services. Prime has years of experience, working in successful projects for the various clients and formulated a quality approach to undertake the challenges within the real estate development field.
Prime decided to improve the quality of services it provided to clients. It adopted ISO 9001, ISO 1400 and OHSAS 1800 as the basis for implementing its system and planning for improvements. Prime obtained these certificates in August of 2010.
The company is present in Abu Dhabi (based office), Dubai, Egypt and KSA, and looking forward to expand into the Gulf the team of professional staff works conjointly in an effort to provide the highest level of professional services to clients.
Prime is comprised of a group of companies which are: Prime Engineering Consultants, Abu Dhabi, UAE AE Prime Engineering Consultants, Dubai, UAE Prime Engineering Consultants, Cairo, Egypt Prime Engineering Consultants, KSA (through a local agent, West & East Network) .
The Group is made up of companies with businesses focusing on engineering and infrastructure.
Each of these companies aims its actions towards one sole objective: turn Prime into a unique company, recognized by its distinguishing aspects as of the competition.
Prime is seeking for excellence that makes the design in complete harmony with clients' requirements and real estate development market demands. While Client satisfaction is ‘Paramount’, Prime strives to present a combination of Quality, Price and Delivery. Towards achieving its mission and vision in order to fulfill clients’ ambitions, Prime is keen on continuously enriching its portfolio and service. Prime welcome you and would like to thank our clients for their trust and valuable support and look forward to sharing with them the challenges that lie ahead.